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43¢ Slide Scanning

Scanned by Hand

All slides are carefully scanned and edited by hand in our U.S. processing center using state-of-the-art equipment.

Excellent Quality Assurance

Each image is reviewed by at least 3 highly-trained technicians at multiple points during the scanning process.

Slides (prices per slide) Standard 2000dpi Advanced 4000dpi
35mm Slides $ 0.43 $ 0.53
Stereo Slides $ 1.29 $ 1.59
2.25 Inch Slides $ 1.72 $ 2.12

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Our Slide Scanning Process

We convert your slides to high resolution digital images with state-of-the-art scanning equipment, using a meticulous process that delivers enduring quality.

Step 1 - Once we have received your slides, we start by cleaning them using compressed air. This removes any loose dust, dirt and hair. We don't use any chemical cleaners which might damage the slides. We have absolutely minimal contact with the film.

Step 2 - We scan slides to digital with a high-resolution Nikon 5000 ED film scanner (not a flatbed scanner) at 2000dpi or 4000dpi depending on your transfer method. We use dust and scratch removal technologies during scanning to make the digital images shine.

Step 3 - Following scanning we complete a series of post-scan processing steps, including color correction, exposure correction, rotation, and cropping. For images that will benefit from the extra treatment, we employ color restoration tools to restore scanned images from heavily faded images.

Step 4 - After scanning, we use post-scanning processing steps that assure you the highest quality digital image from your slides. We perform color correction, exposure correction, and careful hand cropping to remove any visible frame borders. On some images we employ grain and noise reduction techniques. This helps particularly on high-speed negative film (e.g., 400 ASA film) and on underexposed images. If your slides are faded, we may employ sophisticated color restoration technologies that can really bring faded and color-shifted images back to life.

Step 5 - After scanning and processing your slides, we load all of the digital images to disc. We return your originals along with your DVD of images using a trackable UPS shipping label. In addition to your digital images on disc, we also offer an online gallery service.

Retouching & Enhancement

Our editing team has years of experience working with digital image enhancement. While the focus of our service is digitization, we also pride ourselves in the quality of our digital editing work. Enhancements such as cropping, reorientation, red-eye removal and color correction will help to restore the quality of your older images. These edits will bring new life to your pictures and make them a pleasure to share and enjoy.

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