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All of our work is done at our facility in Los Angeles, California. We never ship your slides, negatives, film or video tapes elsewhere for processing. Some of our competitors use processing facilities in India or Costa Rica. Do you really want your irreplaceable film and video tapes sent overseas?

Save, Restore and Share Your Precious Memories

Digital images, even if scanned from degraded prints, slides or negatives may be restored, thus reducing the effects of time and handling. Our scanning process includes image retouching performed by highly-trained technicians that will remove dust and scratches, perform color correction and even repair minor damage.

Pixmonix is the #1 Scanning and Transfer Service

You want photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning, film transfer and video transfer done right the first time without any hassles or unseen complications. We do too. That is why we use state of the art equipment and tested work flows to assure that you receive consistent, high-quality digital images and video. We check the quality of our products at every step of the way to assure you have a fantastic experience doing business with us.

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